TKS & Tofinou 9,70

The new Tofinou 9,70 is sailing with “The Keel Servant” lifting keel

In July 2019 the first Tofinou 9,7 of the new range was launched, with our lifting keel mod. 2,5.
The Tofinou 9,70 by the leading French boatyard Latitude 46 – La Rochelle, is the new prestige day sailer, designed by Peugeot Design and Michele Molino.
“The Tofinou 9.7 is the latest in the range of Tofinou. With this new model the Shipyard Latitude 46 develops a “neoclassical” style through the work of architect Michele Molino and our design office. With a deck plan, inspired by Peugeot Design and adaptable to a single handed or crewed sailing program, the Tofinou 9 has an ergonomic and safe cockpit and a back bathing range.”
In the words of the Naval Architect Michele Molino:
“The Tofinou 9.7 was born from the desire of the Latitude 46 construction team to use the classic heritage and the characteristic quality of the construction site by bringing technological innovation and design together, which is why we worked hand in hand with the world of industrial design and the automotive design to continue the “family style” of the brand Tofinou, always appreciated. Her family feeling remains unchanged, but her lines have been modernized to make her more aggressive.
From the point of view of naval architecture we looked for a more powerful hull, supported by the effectiveness of the double saffron in its retractable keel version. This version has been extensively meditated and the technologies borrowed from the world of the maxi to be able to combine performance and reliability. ”

Traditionally, Latitude 46 proposes its yachts with lifting or tilting keels, to match the requirements of many owners, in an area where a shallow draft can be an important feature; from the very prototype, the boatyard and the designer have decided to install our lifting keel system, because of the peculiar advantages and characteristics:

  • The system is electric operated, and the Tofinou has a full electric power system as auxiliary propulsion system
  • It is fully self contained, making easy the assembly of the keel to the hull
  • It requires a small space inside the boat, and fits very well with the interior layout
  • Last but not least, it fully preserves the high performances of a T bulb keel.

The minimum draft of the boat is 1,22m and the maximum is 2,00m, for a displacement of about 2300kg.
With the double rudder, the boat can be drymoored/drydocked, being directly supported by the keel itself, thanks to the peculiar warm screw system of TKS, that can bear the weight of the boat without mechanical stoppers.